DHL Reference Rate To United States/Canada

In case of the packing size is larger than
DHL Box 4 (33.7×32.2×18cm)
Multiple Boxes of DHL Box 4 are the cheapest.
We will let you know the cheapest shipping method.

Rate fluctuates monthly with Fuel Surcharge
/Emergency Situation.
Transportation Charges XXXX JPY
Fuel Surcharge     324 JPY    
Emergency Situation 40 JPY
With Insurance  2500 JPY
( Insurance coverrage up to 200,000 JPY)  
[ Put the box into a FLYER bag ]      
(Maximum 33×25×12cm)    
Gross Weight: ~2kg  
without insurance: 2641 JPY
with insurance: 5141 JPY
DHL Box 3 (33.7×32.2×10cm)        
DHL Box 4 (33.7×32.2×18cm)     
Gross Weight: ~5kg    
without insurance:  4456 JPY     
with insurance:  6956 JPY     
DHL Box 5 (33.7×32.2×34.5cm)
Gross Weight: ~5kg        
without insurance: 11273 JPY       
with insurance:  13773 JPY      
Gross Weight: ~10kg    
without insurance: 18068 JPY  
with insurance:  20568 JPY      
DHL Box 6 (41.7×35.9×36.9cm)
Gross Weight: 2kg~10kg
without insurance: 19080 JPY  
with insurance:  21580 JPY    
DHL Box 7 (48.1×40.4×38.9cm)      
Gross Weight: 2kg~15kg      
without insurance: 21780 JPY    
with insurance:  24280 JPY
DHL Box 8 (54.1×44.4×40.9cm)    
Gross Weight: 2kg~20kg    
without insurance:  24817 JPY    
with insurance:   27317 JPY    


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