DHL Reference Rate To United States/Canada

We will let you know the cheapest shipping method.
egularly used by

[ Put the box into a FLYER bag ]
without insurance

DHL Box 4 (~5kg)
without insurance

the packing size is larger than
DHL Box 4 (33.7×32.2×18cm)

Multiple Boxes of DHL Box 4 are the cheapest.

If you have multiple packages,
after the first package arrives at you,
we will ship the next package.
to avoid unnecessary Tax and Customs.

If you want to ship immediately,
Please let us know your desired shipping date.

Rate fluctuates monthly with Fuel Surcharge
/Emergency Situation.
Transportation Charges XXXX JPY
Fuel Surcharge     324 JPY    
Emergency Situation 40 JPY
With Insurance  2500 JPY
( Insurance coverrage up to 200,000 JPY)  
[ Put the box into a FLYER bag ]      
(Maximum 33×25×12cm)    
Gross Weight: ~2kg  
without insurance: 2641 JPY
with insurance: 5141 JPY
DHL Box 3 (33.7×32.2×10cm)        
DHL Box 4 (33.7×32.2×18cm)     
Gross Weight: ~5kg    
without insurance:  4456 JPY     
with insurance:  6956 JPY     
DHL Box 5 (33.7×32.2×34.5cm)
Gross Weight: ~5kg        
without insurance: 11273 JPY       
with insurance:  13773 JPY      
Gross Weight: ~10kg    
without insurance: 18068 JPY  
with insurance:  20568 JPY      
DHL Box 6 (41.7×35.9×36.9cm)
Gross Weight: 2kg~10kg
without insurance: 19080 JPY  
with insurance:  21580 JPY    
DHL Box 7 (48.1×40.4×38.9cm)      
Gross Weight: 2kg~15kg      
without insurance: 21780 JPY    
with insurance:  24280 JPY
DHL Box 8 (54.1×44.4×40.9cm)    
Gross Weight: 2kg~20kg    
without insurance:  24817 JPY    
with insurance:   27317 JPY    


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