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Order Mail & Deposit Payment
Please select an item/items in Japanese Auction/Online Shopping website.
and make Auction Order Form and Shopping Order Form with the deposit.
( If you have your custom order form. Please send the order/deposit to info@japonicamarket.com )

► How to make an order form

The Deposit is required before we make an order on the auctions/shopping for you.
If you didn't win the auction, we will refund 100% deposit within 24 hours by PayPal Issue Refund.
If you have multiple orders with combined shipping, Please hold your deposit. we will refund it with final invoice. The deposit ( incl. sold out/cancel/not win auction ) is used for New Order/Final Payment.

PayPal Seller Protection
*We cannot ship to your friend/partner/brother/sister/parent.

*We will only ship to your name and address registered with PayPal.
*If you change your shipping address, you have to pay again all deposits with the new address.

We check the item description and seller's feedback carefully. we will notify you if there is any problems. If you have any questions regarding the item, please let us know so that we can contact the seller on your behalf.

No Cancellation and Returns
You can not cancel an order once the purchase has been completed/after completing a set of bids or snipe bids in an auction.

Cancellation and Return cannot be applied for the following cases even if there are discrepancies.

Fake or Imitation goods
Japonica Market is not responsible for authenticity issues.
We do not ask sellers about authenticity.
The customer bears full responsibility for the item.

Electronics/Machines that do not work properly
We do not test items for functionality.
Japonica Market does not have any liability of the items in case you find out the items you received have mechanical problems.

Payment to Seller
If you won the auction, we will pay the seller for the item with your deposit.
Shipping to Japonica office
The seller will send the item to Japonica Tokyo office.
We check the item whether it is correct or not, to be done within 5 minutes.
If you have Multiple Orders, you can save money with our company as we will arrange one shipment for all the items up to 30 days from the date the first order is received. except Pre-Order item.
Our office in Tokyo, The Center Of Japan. you can save Shipping Cost within Japan.

PayPal Invoice Mail
We will then send a "PayPal Invoice Mail" for Remaining Payment.
The deposit ( incl. sold out/cancel/not win auction ) is used for Remaining Payment.
[ Total Payment - Deposit = Remaining Payment ]

If you have overpaid/multiple orders, we will refund your deposit with final invoice.
[ Deposit - Total Payment = Refund Money ]
Payment by PayPal
Please pay through PayPal within 7 days
Shipping to Your Home
We ship to you from my personal name/address within 24 hours of receiving payment, and send the tracking number to you a confirmation e-mail. We can't ship to a third person/your friend/parents.
*Ship from My Personal Name and Address ( Not include our company name )
*NOT include any invoice/bill/Japonica Market tag in the package.

*Shipment Date:


Safe Packing & Insured Shipping

You receive the item !

►Auction Bid Snipe ( free )

Auction Bid Snipe for Yahoo Japan Auction !! We will make a snipe bid with 2~6 minutes left before the listing endss by our snipe tooll.

  • Snipe bid ( last minute bid ) for Yahoo Auction
    When your order has arrived, we will make a snipe bid with 2~6 minutes left before the listing ends by our snipe tool ( 99.99% successful ).
    You can make a change of the max bid price and cancel a bid within Our Business hours.
    Almost all of our members are choosing Snipe bid.
    Get the item at the lowest price possible !!
    Why should I snipe an auction?
    Snipe Bid prevents attracting attention from other possible bidders, watcher, unfair seller.. It is the most important thing in the auction.
    Why can't we snipe bid for Mbok Auction?
      Many of the seller/Buyer does not like Snipe Bid. it hasn't been established yet.
  • Instant bid
    When your order has arrived, we place a bid on the instant with our Yahoo/Mbok ID. You can make a change of the max bid price within Our Business hours.
    notice ! In case of the Instant bid, You can't cancel it.
    In Yahoo/Mbok Auction, The cancellation is not easy like a eBay Auction.
  • Instant bid+Snipe bid for Yahoo Auction
    You can make the double bids with certainty, strategic...
  • Buy it Now
    When your order has arrived, we will buy it on the Instant.
    In case of the Auction/Fixed Price Style Listings. we can't make both options of "Buy it now" and "Instant/Snipe bid"

►Shipping Cost within Japan

Many sellers are using Japan Post/Yamato(Kuroneko) Transport Service within Japan. We select a cheap carriage as much as possible in complying with seller's wishes. The seller sends the item to our Tokyo office.
Our office in Tokyo, the center of Japan. you can save shipping cost within Japan. The carriage becomes the cheapest compared with other regions.

How to make an order form

Yahoo! Japan Auction Screenshot

Please Select Auction
Yahoo  Mbok  Rakuten
Enter Item URL or Auction ID
URL: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/q108058350
Auction ID: q108058350
Enter Max bid Price/Buy it Now Price in JPY
Please make a note if you need anything.
I am aware of the light stains, Please Proceed !
Select Bid Type
Snipe Bid  Instant Bid  Buy it now
*Snipe Bid - last minute bid for Yahoo Auction Only
*Instant Bid - we place a bid on the instant
*Buy It Now - with BIN option you buy an item immediately
Click the "Add to Cart" button
Select Shipping Options
  EMS    SAL Parcel 
  Registered Airmail    Registered SAL
Registered Airmail/SAL Limits = value 6000yen/weight 2kg/size 90cm
if the item exceeds Registered Airmail Limits, Please choose EMS or SAL Parcel
Enter Your E-Mail Address to receive updates
Please make a deposit with PayPal
if you have enough for the deposit, Please Click
(Order without Deposit)
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Order Confirmation Email

Thank you for your order.
We will send your order status to your email.
Please wait your turn.
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Deposit 25,868 JPY ( 25,000 JPY + PayPal fee 868 JPY )
93R34562XJ769711M / 2016 Mar 18
[ Deposit Total = 25,000 JPY ]
item 1
Seller ID: fruitsvery
Item Name: 新品 うさくみゃ リュック 完売サックス - ヤフオク!
Auction URL: https://page24.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/q108058350
Max Bid Price: 25000 JPY
Bid Option: Snipe Bid
End Time: 2016.03.18 (Fri) 22:38
Note: I am aware of the light stains, Please proceed !
+ JPY (P)
+ JPY (S)
+ JPY (C)
Shipping Options: EMS
PayPal Account : xxxxxxx@gmail.com
Shipping address: We can't ship to a third person
United States

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