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Mercari/Yahoo Auction Shopping Agent Service.

We make the bid/order/pre-order on your behalf in Japan. Mercari, Yahoo! Japan Auction, PayPay fleamarket, Rakuma, Otamart, Mbok, Rakuten, Amazon Japan, ZOZO, Suruga-ya, Toranoana, Angelic Pretty, p-bandai and all most all Japanese Online Sites.

Auction Shopping

We are open every day !!
Japonica Market Team are waiting for your order.

2021/01/13 ~ Undecided

To the first-time customers

We are not able to accept an order of the first-time customers at the moment.
We have had an influx of orders from a few weeks ago.
Our storage is full of the packages.
As soon as management is restored, we will accept new member.
We'll let you know when we start accepting again.
We are sorry we couldn't be of any help.


To the members

We have had an influx of orders from this month.
Shipping Operation has been delayed.
We will be able to make invoice and packing within 3-4 business days.
Please wait for a little more while.

To the members
Storage Period Extension
To customers in the post office that have stopped receiving packages from overseas. We will extend the storage period without a fee until the post office re-starts shipping services.
We will ship the packages as usual to countries that have not stopped receiving packages.

DHL shipping operation is going very well.
They ship worldwide including in the United States.
We have business merchant rates.

If you would like DHL shipment, please let us know.
We will assist you in the order in which you were received.

Require Phone Number for DHL International Orders
Please let us know Phone Number.

Japan Post News
International mail service availability chart.

Japan Post international prices will be increased from 2021 April 1st

to United States, Canada and Australia


DHL with insurance
DHL without insurance
Registered Airmail X
Registered SAL X
Small Packets (without tracking number/registered/insurance)
International Parcel Surface (with tracking number, without registered/insurance) 〇

If this is your first time to use our service, Please check the Services, Payment, Shipping. No need to sign up. You only need your email address and PayPal Account for payment. Please make Auction Order Form and Shopping Order Form with the deposit.

► How to make an order form

If you have your custom order form. Please send the order/deposit to info@japonicamarket.com (E-Mail/PayPal Account)

If you are a merchandiser, We can help your business. Please feel free to contact us.

PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment. all major credit card companies, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
Commission 50%~75% off From the same seller !! 
(Same Seller/Same Site/Same Time)
2nd item 50% off, 3rd item~ 75% off !!
Combine Shipping Up to 30 days ! If you have multiple orders, you can save money with our company as we will combine shipping up to 30 days except Pre-Order item.
Auction Bid Snipe for Yahoo Japan Auction !! We will make a snipe bid with 6 minutes left before the listing endss by our snipe tooll.you get the item at the lowest price possible.
Save Shipping Cost ! Japonica Market Office in Tokyo, the center of Japan. you can save shipping cost within Japan.
Open 365 Days ! AM 9:00 ~PM 17:00 We respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Estimate Example

Trading Cards   Video Games   Blythe Doll   Angelic Pretty
Sneaker  Poster Guitar   Audio
Fishing   Golf   Auto/Bike   Tickets
Sweets   iTunes Card        

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