Terms of Service  
Date of implementation: August 25, 2023
Article 1: (General Rules)

Japonica Market (hereinafter referred to as "our company") provides the auction and shopping proxy purchase service provided on the service site operated by our company.

Our company shall be able to determine terms of service at any time.
Customers who wishes to use this service acknowledges that the terms of service and agrees to all of the terms of service, etc. when using this service. You agree to be considered

Customers who wish to use this service must agree to the terms of service, register the information necessary for using this service in accordance with the prescribed procedures, and our company will approve the content to become a "Japonica Market user (hereinafter referred to as "Japonica Market member"). , referred to as a member.)”.

The terms of service apply to all members, and members are obliged to comply with the content of the terms.

We will not be held responsible for any damages caused by violation of the Terms of Use.

We reserve the right to change the content of the terms of use at any time without prior notice. The changed terms of use, etc. shall take effect from the time they are posted on our website.

Article 2: (Member Registration)

For membership registration, personal information registered in the PayPal account at the time of ordering shall be considered as membership registration. 

Each member can only have one account, and registering multiple accounts is prohibited. If the registration of multiple accounts by the same person is permitted, the Company shall be able to suspend the use of this service or cancel the registration of the relevant member without prior notice. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages suffered by members as a result of this measure.

A third party other than the person himself/herself cannot register as a member on his/her behalf.
If the person who wishes to register as a member is a minor, the consent of the person with parental authority must be obtained without fail, and no request for cancellation of purchase, return or refund on the grounds of being a minor will be accepted.
If it turns out that any one of the following items applies, we may not approve your membership registration. 

In the past, if you have applied for a refund or refusal of payment for the usage fee of this service via a payment agency.
If you have failed to pay for this service in the past
If you have been forced to stop using this service or cancel your membership registration in the past
In the past, if you have interfered with or interfered with the operation of this service
If the registered information is false, erroneous, or incomplete
When it turns out that the consent of the parental authority has not been obtained for the registration by a minor.
If you violate the terms of use, etc.
In addition, if it is determined that you are not eligible as a member in light of the terms of service

Individuals, corporations or organizations residing in the countries/regions which are subject to economic sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department of the Office of Foreign Assets Control, are not eligible to register for membership nor use our service.
Please check the details in the US Treasury Department of the Office of Foreign Assets Control's website through the URL below.

US Treasury Department of the Office of Foreign Assets Control


Article 3: (Account Management)

After approval of member registration, the Company will assign a user ID to the member. The member shall endeavor to manage the security of their ID, etc. under their personal responsibility, and our company shall not be held responsible for any damages suffered by the member as a result of neglecting this duty.

Members shall not allow third parties to use their membership qualifications, IDs, etc., or lend, transfer, sell, pledge, etc.

The Company considers the user to be the person himself/herself by confirming that the combination of the registered user ID and the PayPal account matches, so the member shall bear all responsibility for its use. In addition, even if the damage is caused by the unauthorized use of the ID, our company will not take any responsibility, and if the damage extends to our company, the member will not and shall compensate for the damage.

If there is any change in the registered information, the member shall promptly report the correction of the registered information to the Company. 

Members may withdraw from membership at any time, except in cases where purchased products remain unshipped at our company. Therefore, if the purchased product has not arrived, the withdrawal procedure will be performed after confirming the arrival of the product.

Article 4: (Handling of personal information)

We use personal information defined in our privacy policy for the following purposes.

Management of member information and order information
Billing for product sales and various fees
Shipment of products, etc.
Important notices regarding site operation, product advertisements, etc.
Implementation of questionnaires, etc.
Giving points, coupons, etc.
Responses to various confirmation communications and inquiries
Statistical research and data analysis
Other purposes similar to or closely related to each of the above purposes

Except as permitted by laws and regulations, the Company will not provide or disclose personal information to a third party that is not stated in the purpose of use in the preceding paragraph without consent in a form that allows individual identification. However, in the following cases, each information specified in the preceding paragraph as personal information may be provided to a third party by sending documents or by electronic or electromagnetic methods.

When it becomes necessary to disclose to a business operator involved in payment settlement
When it is necessary for shipment of products and customs procedures
When disclosing membership registration status and sales information to business partners designated by the Company for the purpose of improving various services

When outsourcing all or part of service operations to a third party
When disclosing to the person succeeding the business at the time of business succession due to a company merger, business transfer, or other reasons, When permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations

The Company will stop providing personal information to third parties in the preceding paragraph at the request of the member.

Article 5: (Suspension/Cancellation of Membership)

If any of the events listed below is confirmed, the Company may suspend the use of the Service or cancel the registration of the Member without prior notice. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the member as a result of this measure.
When payment of the usage fee is not made by the prescribed date
In the event of unauthorized use of ID, etc., or unauthorized use by a third party
When a request for refund or refusal of payment is made through a payment agency or credit card company
Misconduct using the Service
Violation of terms of use, etc.
Violations of laws and regulations
In case of administrative disposition
When it is recognized or suspected that there is a relationship with anti-social forces
 in addition, when the Company determines that the member is not eligible for membership.

Article 6: (Service contents)

This service is the purchasing of products or services from online auction sites or online stores in Japan, chosen by members and shipping the successfully purchased items to members' registered addresses.

his service provides support for the purchase of products, etc. specified by the member based on the member's instructions. Therefore, since the Company does not become the entity that owns the rights to the transaction of products, etc. such as sales contracts, the Company shall only be responsible for the purchase support and delivery work of the products specified by the member who is the purchaser of the products.

The member shall authorize the Company to enter into a transportation contract under the name of the Company or the member, and the Company shall, under the name of the Company or the member, enter into agreements with transportation companies affiliated with the Company regarding the goods. A contract of carriage shall be concluded. The Company shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the member in relation to non-delivery, delay, damage, or other transportation due to transportation accidents, except in cases where the Company is responsible.

 If it turns out that the product is counterfeit after the product arrives, or if there is a suspicion that it is a counterfeit product, or if there is a malfunction of the mechanical product, we will not be responsible for any compensation such as the product.

Business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Japan time (including weekends and holidays

We are only responsible for the purchase and delivery of the product, and we are not involved in any way and are not responsible for the content and quality of the product, customs declarations, and other procedures and customs fees that occur in the destination country.

Article 7: (Purchase of goods)

A sales contract shall be established between the Company and the member at the time when the member receives a notification that the bidding process or payment process for the product has been completed successfully with respect to the purchase of the product requested by the member.

However, if the Company confirms at the time of ordering or delivering the product that the purchase of the product specified in Article 11 of the Terms of Use or an inappropriate product equivalent thereto has been made due to a member's violation or negligence, the Company will not purchase or ship the product overseas. may refuse. Regarding the judgment of whether or not to purchase a product, we shall be able to do so at our discretion, taking into consideration the terms of use, laws and regulations, public order and morals, and other circumstances.

All product purchases in this service shall be made in the name of our company, and purchases shall not be made in the name of the member. Therefore, the member shall not make any direct contact with the seller of the product. In the event of an erroneous purchase due to failure to check the purchase conditions in advance, we will not be liable for any damages.

Proxy bidding for auctions in this service is based on the bid amount set by the member, so it does not guarantee a successful bid. In order to increase the probability of successful bids, members shall set a sufficient maximum bid amount.

In order to prevent erroneous orders, the member shall notify the Company of the correct product name, product content, quantity, image, product posting URL, etc. If there is a description in the "Comments" column that supplements the product details, the member acknowledges that our company will place orders with priority given to that description. In addition, if the Company cannot purchase the correct product due to an error, lack of information, or ambiguous expression in the description of the product details notified to the Company by the member, or the description of the product name and "Contact" column We will not be held responsible for any failure to purchase the desired product due to discrepancies with the content.

Members acknowledge that purchases or bids for products may become invalid if any of the following items apply. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages or damages suffered by the member in such a case, and if the scope of the damage extends to the Company, the member shall compensate the Company for the damage.

If the Company determines that the seller is likely to be unable to carry out normal transactions, such as having a bad evaluation regarding the transaction.
If the seller does not trade with IDs with a transaction volume over a certain number
If the seller does not trade with an ID that has a cancellation history due to the convenience of the successful bidder
If the seller does not allow shipping as a delivery method for the product
If there is a record that the member has canceled the purchase due to the convenience of the member or refused to purchase the product that has already been bid or made a successful bid. In addition, if the seller has special transaction rules
If the continuation of the transaction becomes impossible due to the seller's circumstances
In the event that reward points, etc. are granted for the price of goods, etc. as part of the service provided by the seller, the member shall transfer the ownership of the points to the Company.

Article 8: (Payment of service usage fee)

PayPal is the only payment method for using this service.

When a member purchases a product using this service, the member shall pay the following usage fees to the Company within the prescribed deadline. In addition, we may change the amount or rate of fees and commissions at any time without prior notice.

When purchasing a product: Product price

[Final Payment]
When shipping to a member: Product price, domestic shipping fee, handling fee, international shipping fee

*When using Japan Post (EMS, international parcel) to ship a package with a total value of more than 200,000 yen, a customs
clearance fee of 2,800 yen will be charged to Japan Post.

In addition to the above fees payable to us, you may be responsible for customs duties in the destination country/region.
The Company shall preferentially settle payments to the Seller by credit card.

In the auction, the deposit method shall be limited to the credit limit of the amount that guarantees the payment at the time of the successful bid of the product via PayPal before bidding. The deposit shall be settled in the Final Payment at the time of shipment, and if the successful bid is not successful, it shall be refunded as soon as the member instructs.

Even if the membership is suspended or canceled due to the application of Article 5 of the Terms of Use, the member shall pay the expenses incurred until the purchased product arrives at the delivery address and perform the procedure based on the sales contract. shall be obliged to do so.

The payment deadline for "Final Payment" shall be within 7 days from the day following the date of sending the "Final Payment" settlement notification email sent by us after we have completed packing the product.

If the payment is not completed within 90 days from the Final Payment notification email, the Company may, at its discretion, sell, dispose of, or otherwise dispose of the product. We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused to the member by this measure.

If you purchase the wrong item due to our obvious negligence, we will refund the amount received in "Deposit" and "Final Payment".

We are not responsible for any decrease in the amount refunded to the deposit or credit card deposited via PayPal, or the amount of "Deposit and "Final Payment" paid by PayPal due to exchange rate fluctuations at the time of refund. shall not be held liable.

In addition, the member acknowledges that the Company will not be involved in any way with respect to the various fees that occur at the time of refund, as they will not be paid to the Company.

Regardless of the reason, if the member wishes to dispose of all or part of the product, the member shall separately pay the disposal fee determined by the Company and various expenses incurred at the time of disposal.
In addition, the member acknowledges in advance that additional payment of repackaging charges will be incurred separately if the removal is done after the product has been packed.

If the member wishes to change the delivery after completing the delivery designation, the member shall pay the repackaging fee separately. Members acknowledge in advance that changes may not be possible after delivery is specified depending on the situation.
Even if the membership is suspended or canceled due to the application of Article 5 of the Terms of Use, the member shall perform the payment and procedures for the expenses incurred until the purchased product arrives at the delivery address based on the contract. shall be obliged.
Payment statements, receipts, receipts, etc. issued by the seller shall not be provided to the member, but shall be retained by the Company as evidenced documents. In addition, the Company shall not accept any request for separate receipt issuance.


Article 9: (Packing and Delivery)

We receive all products at our distribution center.
The overseas delivery method for this service is as follows.

Shipping from Japan


EMS (international express mail)
SAL (economy airmail)
Surface mail

The member shall complete the delivery procedure within 30 days from the arrival notification of the product from our company.

In the event that an item that is prohibited from being shipped overseas as stipulated in Article 11 of the Terms of Use is purchased by bid due to a member's violation of the Terms of Use or negligence, and the item arrives at our distribution center, our obligation to provide this service will be extinguished, and we will You may sell, dispose of, or otherwise dispose of the product at your discretion. We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused to the member by this measure.

Delivery cannot be made to countries/regions other than those specified on the PayPal system.

Regardless of the payment method, if the delivery address of the purchased product is in Japan, the member agrees that the following "domestic transaction fee" will be additionally incurred. ・Domestic service fee = 10% of the total amount of (total billing A) and (total billing B excluding fees)

Members shall comply with our company's regulations regarding the method of packing products and the selection of packaging materials, etc., and shall not be able to convey individual requests for each product.

Due to the provisions of Japanese domestic law, it is not possible to change or delete the amount stated on the shipping slips shipped from Japan.

If the weight or size of the item exceeds the stipulated limits of each shipping company specified for delivery, even if you request it to be shipped together, it will be divided into multiple packages.

The DHL delivery service we provide is not covered by the Money Back Guarantee, which allows you to receive claims and compensation for delayed deliveries. In the unlikely event that the product value is reduced or lost due to a delay in delivery, neither our company nor DHL will make any compensation.

Article 10 (Cancellation/return/exchange of products)
Members shall use this service only when they have agreed to the provisions of this article regarding product cancellation, returns, exchanges, complaints, etc. I assume.

Except when requested by the seller, cancellations due to member convenience after bidding on an auction or completing a product purchase request are not allowed.

[ Returns, exchanges, complaints, etc.] (including damage, defective products, shortages ) 
Negotiations such as replacement shall be made with the seller. However, if there is a description such as "returns/exchanges are not possible/no claim/no return" on the page managed by the seller, including the product page, seller introduction page, transaction terms explanation page, etc. We are under no obligation to negotiate. Also, even if there is no such description, the return or exchange may be refused due to a difference of opinion with the seller. We will not make any renegotiation requests for products once rejected. For this reason, the Member shall be sure to check all pages managed by the Seller for the presence or absence of the description of the purchase conditions of the relevant product before purchasing the product. After the product arrives, the member shall not directly file a claim for refund or refusal of payment to the payment agency for reasons not attributable to the seller or our company.

Even in the case of doubts about the authenticity of the product, we will respond in the same way as [Returns, exchanges, complaints, etc.]. Even if the product page managed by the seller clearly states the information that identifies the product, such as the official product name and product number, or states in writing that the product is genuine, the member shall You acknowledge that there is no guarantee that the product is genuine and that there is a risk that the product may be counterfeit. Even if a member raises doubts about the authenticity of a product, the Company shall not be obligated to appraise the authenticity of the product or collect information for that purpose. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the member arising from the response specified in this section or due to doubts about the authenticity of the product.
Article 11 (Prohibited Items)
Japonica Market does not accept delivery of goods specified in this article or goods that are constituent elements of materials or contain them as ingredients, as they are designated as prohibited goods whose export is prohibited or regulated under Japanese laws and regulations. When using international delivery that specifies an address outside Japan first, bidding or purchase of such export-prohibited items is strictly prohibited. In addition, some of the goods specified in this article include those that are prohibited to buy and sell even in Japan, and in the unlikely event that a member bids or purchases these export prohibited goods or prohibited goods, the transaction will be immediately completed. We will not be held responsible for any disadvantages or damages suffered by the member at that time, and if the scope of damage extends to us, the member will compensate us for the damage. You agree to do so.  We do not verify export and import regulations by destination country. When a member uses international delivery, the member shall be obligated to check the regulations of the delivery destination country/region by himself/herself before purchasing the product. We do not take any responsibility for damages caused by the purchase of prohibited goods by members, and we will not cancel the purchase, return or refund.  In the unlikely event that export-prohibited items or regulated items are discovered after shipment, the member shall bear the full payment of all expenses incurred during processing in accordance with the shipping company's regulations. In the event that an accident, etc. occurs due to the relevant product during transportation of the relevant product, or if damage is caused to a third party, the member shall also bear legal responsibility and compensation for damages.
Prohibited items whose export is prohibited or regulated under Japanese laws and regulations
Adult goods and pornography
Child pornography
Diamonds (including rough and fabricated diamonds)
Counterfeit, altered or fake currency
Postage stamps and fiscal stamps
Official documents
National treasures
Important cultural properties
Important works of art, etc.
Pirated CDs, DVDs, and software
Products with an undeterminable origin
Lottery tickets
Gift certificates
Food and drink tickets
Canned air
High pressure gas
Gas (gas cylinders and cartridges)
Gas lighters
Portable oxygen inhalers
Liquefied gas
Helium gas
Nitrogen and liquid nitrogen
Portable oxygen concentrators
Oxygen cylinders (aqua-Lung)
Aerosol spray cans (hairspray, fragrance spray, lacquer spray, Air Salonpas, etc.)
High-flow oxygen concentrators
Gas products for camping (portable gas stoves, etc.)
Fire extinguishers
Flammable liquids and substances
Table tennis balls
Fuel (gasoline and oil)
Oil lighters
Nail polish and nail polish remover
Paint thinner
Lighter fluid
Cooking oil
Flammable items and items containing a flammable warning (e.g. sunscreen, shampoo, and adhesives)
Adhesives (glues or other adhesives included with figures, toys, eyelash sets, etc. may incur a disposal fee)
Organisms (live animals, insects, plants and vegetation)
Items with soil
Bonsai, decorative plants etc.
Livestock feed
Meat products
Pet food
Raw milk and eggs
Items that require refrigeration
Fresh produce
Plant seeds
Insect specimen samples
Taxidermied animals
Beverages with over 70% alcohol (some countries may forbid the import of beverages with a lower degree of alcohol)
Items limited in accordance with CITES regulations: elephant trunks, tortoise shells, animal furs, alligator skin, snakeskin, lizard skin, etc.
Air guns
Model guns
Fake swords
Battery chargers
Lead-acid batteries
Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries
Lithium-metal batteries (limited to certain countries)
Lithium-ion batteries (limited to certain countries)
Items with lithium batteries or lithium-ion batteries (limited to certain countries)
Electric generators and engines
Pyrotechnic articles (fireworks, firecrackers, ammunition, explosives, etc.)
Items that have fuel or oil inside, or that might be able to contain it (including both used and new items)
Air conditioners
Airbags (for vehicles)
Steering wheels containing airbags
Items that have containers, cans, gasoline tanks, or carburetors for containing oil or fuel (includes both new and used items)
Seatbelt pretensioners
Vehicles (cars, motorcycles, motorized bicycles, and some bicycles where the tire cannot be deflated, etc.)
Harmful drugs
Psychotropic drugs
Inhalers for illegal drugs
Anesthetics and other related drugs
Poisonous, toxic and/or hazardous substances
Insect repellent
Agricultural chemicals
Organic solvents
Corrosive substances
Mercury (batteries, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, barometers containing mercury, etc.)
Peroxides and oxidizing agents
Dry ice
Nuclear waste
Radioactive substances
Sodium hydroxide
Barium carbonate
Formalin and formaldehyde
Printer Toner Cartridges
Ink and printer ink cartridges (documents for clearance may be required when shipping, and we may not be able to provide certain documents to ship ink abroad)
Other prohibited items (please check these before ordering)
Pharmaceuticals and medical devices that require a license for sale in Japan (contact lenses, fashion colored contact lenses, massage apparatuses, and hearing aids)
Article 12: (Prohibitions)
When using this service, our company prohibits members from performing the following acts or acts that may cause such acts, and members shall be obligated to strictly comply with them.

Acts of purchasing products prohibited by the terms of use Fraud in collusion with the seller
Acts of using this service for other illegal purposes Acts that violate the terms of use or public order and morals
Acts that infringe the rights of our company, sellers, or third parties, or acts that defame
Acts of making inquiries, negotiations, complaints, requests for returns or refunds, or requests for exchanges or repairs directly to the seller.  
Requesting a refund directly from a payment agency or credit card company after making a purchase request.  
Criminal acts or acts that may be  Acts that violate laws and regulations such as Japanese law, local law of the region where the member resides, international law, etc.  Purchasing a product without a separate certificate, etc., required for collection.
Acts of purchasing goods for the purpose of military use  Acts that intentionally interfere with the operation of sites operated by us, this service, or sellers  Unreasonable demands that exceed our responsibility or legal responsibility as stipulated in the Terms of Use, etc.  
Acts that cause trouble or discomfort to other members of the Service, sellers, or other third parties Act of reporting false information Acts of writing or sending harmful programs or emails Unauthorized intrusion into our server or other computer Our company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by violation of this prohibited obligation.
Article 13: (Disclaimer due to inability to provide services)
Even after approval of proxy purchase of products, if the following events are confirmed or suspected to occur, the Company shall be exempted from the obligation to provide this service to the member. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the member as a result of this measure.  If it is later found that the product purchased by the member is a product prescribed in Article 11 of the Terms of Use or a product equivalent thereto. When it is extremely difficult to obtain the product purchased by the member If the product is not delivered to us by the seller for any reason  If the member does not make the payment necessary for using this service by the prescribed date When the product is disposed of by customs, etc. If the member does not receive the goods If the shipping address is unknown or the member's location could not be confirmed When contact with the member is interrupted If the member violates the terms of use, etc.
Article 14: (Disclaimer due to non-warranty)
The Company shall not make any guarantees regarding the following items, and Members shall accept it and use the Service. Therefore, the Company shall be exempted from any liability for damages to members or any other third parties for damages caused by the following items.
We do not guarantee that you will always be able to purchase products requested by members.  
We do not guarantee that the Seller will not deliver to us products that differ from those ordered.  
We do not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or legality of product information and seller information posted on this site. (The same applies to notations and expressions displayed when using the translation function.)  
We do not guarantee that the purchased product can be exported from Japan or the United States, or that it can be imported in the destination country/region.
We do not guarantee that interruptions, delays, suspensions, data loss, etc. of this service due to network system failures, unauthorized access, electronic attacks, failures in cooperation with third party services, regardless of accidents or disasters, can be avoided. not.  
We do not guarantee that e-mails sent from our server or domain name when accessing this site do not contain harmful virus programs.
Article 15: (Suspension and Suspension of Service)
The Company may, without prior notice, part or All functions may be changed, repaired or abolished with the suspension or suspension of this service. In addition, we will not be responsible for any damages that occur at that time.
Article 16: (Change and Abolition of Service Contents)
We reserve the right to change or discontinue part or all of this service at any time without prior notice.  The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by members due to changes or abolitions.
Article 17: (Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction)
The terms of use, etc. shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan. It shall not be affected by any interpretation of foreign laws.  In the event of any dispute regarding the terms of use, etc., the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance.

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